“I have participated in numerous photo workshops worldwide and academic settings. Cheryl is by far the best instructor I have experienced. She is clear and concise both in the formal presentations and in the feedback provided. Rather than use a canned presentation, Cheryl took the time to tailor the presentation to photographing cranes. This tailoring was thoughtful and helped everyone capture better photographs. Cheryl’s willingness to share her expertise is a gift.”

Sharon Fisher
2017 Crane Trust Workshop Participant

“I participated in a webinar that Cheryl hosted, where she provided advice to photographers who were planning to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. She did a terrific job of outlining what to expect there, what equipment to bring (and why), her favorite places to photograph, and much more. I took three pages of notes, and learned more from that webinar than all of my previous research. She even answered some follow-up questions I asked weeks later. Cheryl is an experienced pro who knows her stuff, and she’s happy to share that knowledge with others.”

Ken Dunwoody
NANPA Member

“Cheryl was fantastic. I would go with her on another field trip in a heartbeat. She was easy to understand, had incredible technical skills, and she provided great insight and advice.”

Susan K.
NANPA Regional Event Participant

“Cheryl’s teaching ability is excellent. We both learned a lot. She is very open and wants to share her knowledge.”

Bob Schlatter
NANPA Regional Event Participant

“As editor of the American Humane Association, I had to find compelling photos for our quarterly magazine meant to motivate donors to support us, as well as serve as a perk for their previous support. Ms. Opperman’s gorgeous cover photos filled the bill perfectly in every way. Donors loved the unique and rich photos she provided for us.

Ms. Opperman, herself was also a professional. Unusual requests met only with willingness, and her passion for her subject matter and her expertise in photography helped us improve our choices and how we presented photos as well.

After leaving AHA, I continued to stay in touch with Ms. Opperman and use her skills whenever possible. You will always be pleased by her talent and her ability to support or enhance your publications, walls, presentations, website or business.”

Jane Ehrhardt
Former Editor – American Humane Association

“Ms. Opperman’s photography speaks for itself.  She is undoubtedly a very accomplished photographer, but she can also add “capable instructor” to her list of talents.  Having enjoyed a teaching career spanning thirty-three years, I can recognize the ability, and empathy, it requires to be an above-average instructor. At a recent workshop I attended, Ms. Opperman demonstrated her ability to deliver a well-planned presentation in a logical manner.  And, more importantly, she was able to put herself on a plane that allowed her to interact effectively with her learners in the workshop.

Ron Boerner
2009 Nebraska Workshop Participant